Anniversary dinner on the island

This institution is a two or three over all other Cozumel restaurants. Do not be fooled it is adjacent to an abandoned hotel. It’s well worth the excursion. The team was exceptional and the food was just like a big city restaurant. It’s the best place to go if you’re celebrating a special event.

Gorgeous setting and a sunset seats is crucial. The team and focus was quite excellent, nice touch… very fine touch. We purchased a couple of the specialty cocktails and they were equally excellent. Only a few problems from here… Great because the person we did get was so good and also a second could have been too much and they didn’t charge us and I didn’t inquire where the 2nd was no major deal in any way. We both arranged two distinct dishes. Flavor was great however feel wasn’t. I will say I’ve found only 1 restaurant on the island which does not over cook the lobster so perhaps that’s the way they prefer it. We did not ship it back. It was edible only maybe if a person reads this they could work with it. We ordered a wonderful bottle of bubbly… perfect. Dessert was fantastic. Overall it was a fantastic time at a gorgeous location. The staff was kind and careful. I will return no problem. Just may purchase a steak that is rare.

Cozumel is a fantastic place. I have visited it several times with my family and friends. We love looking at attractions, beaches, and points of interest. We just enjoyed it very much. That night in Buccanos I met another family. They were talking about a exciting cozumel jeep and snorkel tour near to our hotel; the island is characterized by diving and fishing excursions. We have not had the opportunity to try it. But, without a doubt, the next time we will do it very excited. My family loves aquatic adventures. So traveling offshore will not be a problem. On the contrary, it will be an unforgettable experience.

We normally stay at the opposite end of the island so that we do not get down to this end very often. This was near the house we were staying and came highly suggested. Obviously view is spectacular and the food is superb. Although we did not leave room for dessert, we couldn’t pass the homemade ice cream. They were very accommodating in boxing up our to-go ice creams!

This location is outstanding! The food is magnificent! My spouse had a couple lobster dishes and I must say that the noodle is the ideal beef. I have EVER had. Each dish is indeed distinctive and tasty and the staff was wonderful also. Oceanside ambiance and world-class dining room… and at a reasonable price. It will not get any better than that anywhere in Mexico.

Amazing views, beverages, ambience however, the star of this series is certainly the food. Buccanos day eatery has a fantastic menu, where locally caught fish is the star but the vegetarian menu can be wonderful. Beautifully presented with favorable support the staff are clearly enthusiastic about their contemporary Mexican cuisine and local components and it reveals. Stunning tastes, exceptional dishes and fantastic presentation make for a memorable meal.

Our family group of 11 appreciated many different entrees in this gorgeous establishment. We dined on the rooftop with a stunning view of the sea. The food was tasty and nicely presented. This is our most expensive dinner, however, we believed we were not overcharged. Recommended for that particular night in Cozumel. I ranked this as suitable for kids… older kids.

The service at Buccanos was exceptional in addition to the ambience. We’d amazing lobster nachos as an appetizer. They were really filling and yummy. This was followed closely with the lobster ravioli that was fantastic also. Their margarita was super. We had the opportunity to meet up with the operator and she gave us first class focus at our table all day. I really appreciated that they found us a table such sort notice although we didn’t have a booking. They had been kind enough to deliver me an wonderful coconut crème brûlée dessert for my birthday. Highly recommend!


Great place for Italian

March 11, 2019