Outstanding Holiday in Barcelo Maya Beach

Irene Sanchez is the most incredible partner I have met during my holiday! Irene was amiable and took excellent care of my every need! Barcelo should be pleased to have this superb example of how a guest ought to be treated. Should you ever see Barcelo Maya Beach, request for Irene.

Yes, even the seaweed is a nuisance, but it doesn’t distract from the beauty of the beautiful beach that’s kept pristine with the assistance of all of the hard-working employees particularly Natalio and his excellent best shore snorkeling cozumel tips. The hotel is vast and caters to your household of all ages. We upgraded to superior and believed this meant our chamber would also be excellent, but it was exceptional premium, a significant difference so take care when booking.

On the other hand, the area was beautiful if a bit small for the three people. Food and Drink were exceptional, and we did a visit to Isla Mujeres on a catamaran using Cancun experiences that I would recommend.

Breakfast was fab using a fantastic decision to cater to everyone’s tastes, and Julien specifically went out of the way to make us as comfortable as you can. My only sorrow is that the vacation is over — Will return.

Alexander was very kind, patient, and professional. He taught me the way to push the sailboat. Took me to educate me, so that I could make my mother after also. The most exceptional trip I have taken and free also! We’ll surely return.

I have not surfed in more than a few years, and my spouse hasn’t been on boardVictor and team captured us riding the waves following only a few brief moments. My spouse went from being anxious about beginning to ride! I managed to recreate the sensation of browsing which I had missed and was immediately able to try new tricks. We got a shot with the two people riding.

We had a terrific time! We booked plenty of trips and adored each one of these! The resort was also amazing. When you check they provide you four tickets for four distinct restaurants which you must reserve beforehand and the very best one was”Mexico Lindo.” A resort and destination worth seeing!


Loved Every Minute!

February 4, 2020

Amazing hotel

February 9, 2020