The tin can life is usually off the cuff, bare bones, and ideally not aimed toward the internet. I often have no idea what I’m getting myself into- and that’s the best part.

the mission 

The summer of 2013 I was getting itchy feet after nearly a year of no travel- I had finished a month long road trip across country the year before, and was dreaming of ways to get back on the road- start an online business? write for a magazine or travel guide? But I was happy in New Mexico and left it as a dream.

In September my friend told me about an idea he had to connect RVers to a social network built specifically for the mobile life- was I interested?

Of course my answer was to buy a 30 ft 1967 Airstream, spend 3 months learning how to repair it and then quit my job.

Fast forward to February and I’m sitting in a room near the Vegas Strip with 40 sales people, a team of 5 senior staff and my friend’s dream projected on the screen and into our minds. In a few weeks I’ll be a full time RVer for the first time, a Salesperson for the first time, and I’ll have a built in community of amazing people at my fingertips. I’ll let you know what happens!