Loved my stay, perfect location

This resort is fantastic; we remained on a B&B foundation, and the breakfast was ample and diverse good beginning to a day. The single complaint and it’s a tiny one that the cost of the beverages at the pub. The employees are helpful that the rooms (we stayed in the lower portion of the Hotel) are tidy and comfy greater than 1 bottle of free water could have been valued as the cost was 6cuc a jar at the resort. The weather has been, so the water was required in any way times, outside the resort, the water had been 1cuc per jar so significant gap. Thank you to us.

There are just two sides to the resort — both the colonial and the more recent side. Both are linked to an underground tube. There was some sound which did not bother me, but when this is a problem for you, you’d want to request a room which isn’t on the roadside.

One of the beautiful facets of the resort is the lively lobby where you can eat or catch a beverage and listen to music. The rooftop on the side has fantastic views, also excellent to have a bite to drink or eat. You can find pools on each side of the resort. As for me, I chose the lake on the newer side and discovered it to be relaxing.

My flight arrived early and that I had contacted the resort about a young check-in. I was thankful that the team could accommodate my request. The concierges were very useful – they also recommended me the trikes on cozumel tours in Mexico, with organizing taxis and all kinds of questions.

I wasn’t sure how online access could be but was amazed I had no problems accessing and surfing the world wide web. The resort provides 5 hours/day of online access.

The resort also includes an alteration workplace with extended hours in case you’ve got foreign money with you. Alternately, there’s an ATM only a block away supplying you with CUC.

As a helpful tip, there’s a grocery shop, not much by, Harris Brothers at which it is possible to grab big bottles of water at a fantastic price. Excellent hotel.


Perfect place to stay

June 29, 2019