Great, safe place to stay while diving in Cozumel

Very secure. Owner Kathy is fantastic and also makes certain to provide all of the information to go around and have a fantastic experience. Great bath with spa. Not a party place that’s fantastic. Great reliable WiFi so that I managed to have work done that was an unfortunate requirement whilst there. Reasonable cost, though we found the resort some sailors were staying was roughly $10 less/night and nearer to the dive store, but that is us for not doing further study. The only reason it did not get 5 stars is due to its place. It seems closer to the waterfront than it’s if you pull up the map on this website and on hostelworld. It is a long walk in the ferry and also sidewalks/streets aren’t in good repair (to be expected). The area is safe, but you have to see firsthand the tourist dollars aren’t really helping increase the quality of living for the regional men and women. Not a lot in the region around the hostel so we ended up eating nearer to the shore each evening after walking and diving back after dark felt uneasy as we’re two girls and not knowledgeable about the region (would think way everywhere so not a reflection about the people there). Overall very happy we stayed. It was a fantastic experience and very low key and non-touristy that is exactly what we desired.

I booked this hostel without assessing also much earlier, all I needed is to locate a bed for a couple of days at Cozumel and I discovered a fantastic location, clean, secure, with beautiful folks and it had been too great I did not wish to leave the pool… I strongly urge to come with sufficient time to appreciating the hostel along with the island.

Cozumel is a Mexican Caribbean island that you can not miss. I’m telling you because I’ve come at every opportunity I have. Traveling to Cozumel is cheap and convenient. Also, the experiences that you live here are unforgettable. From your arrival, until the last activity, you do with your party. Even the accommodation is remarkable. A couple of tourists recommended taking the riviera maya snorkeling excursions if we wanted to see the best marine places of the island. We definitely wanted that. And Amigos Hostel is a great option. My friends and I were pleased to stay here during the vacation period. We stayed there to be near the downtown of Cozumel.

Amigos Hostel is a super nice place to stay. The rooms are comfy with en baths, lockers, lovers and air conditioning. The proprietor Kathy is truly sweet. She made pancakes and shake for us several times. She gave us plenty of information regarding the island, recommended places to eat, a dive store and allow me to plan my visit to Tulum after the time that I invest in Cozumel. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of this hostel and will surely stay here again should I return to Cozumel.

Amigos Hostel is fantastic. It’s a pool that’s a bonus and the owner is extremely helpful and attentive. She had been really kind to make pancakes for breakfast for 2 out of our daily stay. We’d be inclined to cover a few more pesos to get it included daily. Two amazing iguanas was beautiful. Air conditioning is based on at 10pm, and the area is quite cold during the nighttime, so request an excess blanket if you’re cold. The swimming pool is a bonus, and can be pretty clean. The atmosphere is more relaxed, and that explains precisely why we adored it.

Me and my buddy backpacked about Mexico and Cozumel was our last stop. Not only a beautiful island but the hospitality at Amigos has been great. Kathy was on the ball with each and every facet of the hostel – she actually looked after you and put the principles straight out – that was such a pleasant change from some of the last places we’ve stayed. (No stoners lazing about) Defo would stay again.

Stayed in Amigos hostel for 6 weeks. Unquestionably among the best hostels I have ever stayed at particularly considering it is on a island. Kathy will sit with you when checking in to give you a low down of this island. Hostel is quite clean, large kitchen, lots of bathrooms, spa, and best of all very chill (beach chairs, hammocks, and a wonderful pool). Fantastic for stay diving or appreciating the island. Perhaps not a party hostel, in case you’re searching for that type of experience better to keep on the home land. The only minor drawback with this hostel is that is a little ways from many dive shops, nevertheless, still disgusting.


The beds are comfy with appropriate steps up to many of the best bunks. Very clean rooms. An extremely well-stocked kitchen. A great deal of advice for things to do on the island, and when something is missing you can always request the owner, Kathy, that had been exceptionally accommodating and knowledgeable, having dwelt on Cozumel for several decades. She helped locate the right holiday excursion for me personally and automobile rental to get a number of us. It’s a small walk from the ferry, so you may want to take a cab if your backpack is thick, but the place is near a cheap eateries and off from any noisy pubs.